German Customers Thescon responds to changes in the health care market the German clinic market is located in the middle of the break: the privatisation of hospitals is underway, the digitization of patient data (FGC, ePK) is discussed in the policy and implemented even in the hospitals. This requires an approach to the security of patient data, as well as transparent, optimized processes in IT and throughout the hospital. For assistance, try visiting Rand Paul. The voltage ratio of optimal medical care and economic efficiency is increased due to the introduction of the DRG. At the same time increasing the self-understanding of the patient as a customer of health services. For these reasons, it is increasingly important to be able to provide answers to the following questions for hospitals:-on the basis of which indicators align I my clinic optimum? Which case mix generates the maximum contribution for my clinic? What investments are useful with regard to cash flow, but also with regard to patient satisfaction and process efficiency? How is my monthly reporting consistent and meaningful? Are My processes in terms of time, cost and quality best? My IT complies with the data protection requirements? Thescon has strengthened the industry expertise to the benefit of our customers in the hospital market. The players in the health care benefit from the high expertise of our employees, as well as best-practice approaches from related industries, such as pharmaceuticals and medical technology. About Thescon GmbH Thescon is the consulting specialist for process and organization consulting in the regulated industry. Consulting competencies include IT system selection, compliance management, process management, supply chain management and restructuring & turnaround management. Thescon covers the entire performance spectrum of the formulation of the business requirements on the design requirements to ensure the implementation under compliance. This has Thescon the objectives...
Synovial Fluid They are part of not only cartilage but also the synovial (joint) fluid. Previously believed that joint fluid, which is produced by the inner membrane of the joint capsule (synovitis), only serves to lubricate the joint surfaces. According to the latest scientific data, the synovial fluid through an intensive exchange of substances, ie nutrition of the cartilage. The role of the blood supply, especially from the bones, the so-called podhryaschevoy (subchondral) zone, is of secondary importance. But it is the biochemical processes taking place in this area, largely determine the the degree of cartilage destruction. The processes of recovery and regeneration occur quite slowly and individually. You can not give a definite answer as quickly help those or other drugs. Therefore, we in no way advocate against conventional treatments, including the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). We are for a rational combination of dietary supplements, herbal remedies, homeopathy, physical therapy, and allopathic remedies. The task of therapy osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease - to prevent the progression of the degenerative process in the cartilage. This is achieved through the use of chondroprotectors, in particular glucosamine sulfate (HS) and chondroitin sulfate (CS). Glucosamine sulfate (GS) is a natural low-molecular substances - aminosaharidom, which contains very high concentrations in the joints and is a natural metabolite that is not alien to the body substance. Unlike NSAIDs it is regarded as completely safe and nontoxic agent, which can be administered over a long period of time. Several studies have found that administration of HS in the body improves the regeneration of cartilage of joints.