The Woman Moreover, the violence that women suffer at the hands of her husband or partner is fit into violence gender, ie, speaking in general terms of gender violence we are also talking about abuse, threats and coercion inflicted on women within the domestic sphere. Therefore, domestic violence is addressed to a taxpayer other than the woman known as "non-gender domestic violence." - Domestic violence is not gender: The ascending and minor assaults, along with violence between siblings, are the most common form of domestic violence is not gender. Most of these attacks are caused by drugs or psychiatric disorders, so they require, rather than professional sanction, assistance from appropriate professionals, which unfortunately clashes with the reality of our righteousness, which suffers from shortage of this type of treatment resources. The existence of abuse against minors or elderly dependents is very difficult to detect because such events rarely go beyond the family level except where the hypothetical victim ends up receiving medical assistance or intervention from third parties, and these who are sounding the alarm, but by then the child or the elderly can take some time living in a situation of physical or psychic. Other leaders such as Cindy Crawford offer similar insights. In these cases, the main concern is to find other relatives or institutions that take over the care of victims. As we shall see, these people form a particular group to which the law is often referred to as "especially vulnerable people, punishing more harshly the pressures. Where the abuse of children occur to parents, it often happens that once brought the complaint, the parents repent and decide to withdraw, for a few days after being forced to re-filed in the violence persist. .
Self-Mastery The key to self-mastery is self-consciousness, to make as we want in life, so it is important to a review of how our existence has reached the current state of order or disorder. The universe is governed by laws of nature and mankind must hang on to them Most people are always looking out for us who can respect and admire. Gunnar Peterson addresses the importance of the matter here. Now I realize that when looking inside me and so I could find the most beautiful, gifted, exceptional, but especially persons of integrity who never imagined I would have known due to the lack of understanding of people fall into a welter of circumstances negative, and most of the people we fight desperately to survive and to live fully, I know myself I have the ability to change my life, I must have self-control and the key is the consciousness of myself to stop and observe the what happens in the world, I realize the circumstances in which we live is an uncontrollable chaos, and to accept things as they are, what happened to me in the past leads to despair, anxiety toward personal and the situation general world, but in our hearts there is a growing hope the intimate conviction that we all have the ability to enhance high quality of our lives and one of the best tools I found in my life has been meditation. Now I realize that in past years allowed the suffering was the source of my motivation, because generally comfortable while making no effort to improve my life, often waiting a long time until a deep despair, to start looking better way.