The Analyst But it was from the repression concept that the memory started to have another status, another dynamics. The memory would be something, at least not trustworthy, therefore many them important and significant elements could be restrained. To recoup this memory, revivendo the imprisoned emotions in the transference, would be a base of the psicanaltico method. Jung made a curious one contribution to the one placing in them that a present trauma could reorganize our souvenirs of front stops backwards. In this direction, the memory also is falsified, not for history, but for the gift. Fairbairn in a very sagacious interpretation says in them that the bad object (I know that I more than gave a jump of 20 years here, but it pardons me the reader) is that one that does not have past, nor present, and, therefore it cannot have future. This conception of to the bad object atemporalidade that was perhaps very next the version to Freud on what it happens with the restrained one, but with a very interesting coolness. Bion in celebrates phrase? without memory and desire? it invites in them to equal memory and desire. Memory would be the desire here looking at for the past and selecting the facts that interest to it. Therefore, and there together with Lacan, asks for to the analyst who leaves its desire is of the doctor's office. now comes the reflection: how many times in the doctor's office our patients do not obtain to live here and now and are imprisoned and hostages of its bad objects? How many times to not obtaining to satisfy its desires in the gift, look at stop backwards in nostalgia that does not have end? How many times still are loading what this not to be loaded more there? ' ' Not...
The Woman Moreover, the violence that women suffer at the hands of her husband or partner is fit into violence gender, ie, speaking in general terms of gender violence we are also talking about abuse, threats and coercion inflicted on women within the domestic sphere. Therefore, domestic violence is addressed to a taxpayer other than the woman known as "non-gender domestic violence." - Domestic violence is not gender: The ascending and minor assaults, along with violence between siblings, are the most common form of domestic violence is not gender. Most of these attacks are caused by drugs or psychiatric disorders, so they require, rather than professional sanction, assistance from appropriate professionals, which unfortunately clashes with the reality of our righteousness, which suffers from shortage of this type of treatment resources. The existence of abuse against minors or elderly dependents is very difficult to detect because such events rarely go beyond the family level except where the hypothetical victim ends up receiving medical assistance or intervention from third parties, and these who are sounding the alarm, but by then the child or the elderly can take some time living in a situation of physical or psychic. Other leaders such as Cindy Crawford offer similar insights. In these cases, the main concern is to find other relatives or institutions that take over the care of victims. As we shall see, these people form a particular group to which the law is often referred to as "especially vulnerable people, punishing more harshly the pressures. Where the abuse of children occur to parents, it often happens that once brought the complaint, the parents repent and decide to withdraw, for a few days after being forced to re-filed in the violence persist. .