Delivery Notes After the Bavarian State Office for control of the 13.02.2012 available the serviced customer cannot fulfill its legal hold legal hold, if he keeps only the archiving CD with the data of the supplier. Monika Walther, owner and Managing Director of VAT bookkeeping service refers Tutzing, the latest newsletter for clients. Monika Walther, owner and Managing Director of VAT bookkeeping service refers Tutzing, the latest newsletter for clients. The archive CD reflects not the originals of retention required customers, but documents from a third party. Thus requests from companies (in particular by pharmacies) are denying, where customers can waive the retention of daily invoices and if necessary also the delivery notes that are sent to them by suppliers. The archiving CDs created on the basis of own documents are thus not for the customers as properly archived data to recognize as Monika Walther, owner and Managing Director, MWS accounting service, Tutzing. Thus, the benefits of outsourcing of financial accounting in a bookkeeping service companies are very clear. Efficient outsourcing of payroll, salary and financial accounting is the ground-breaking option for correct, safe, cost-effective and time reports and documents relating to wages, salaries and taxes. VAT accounting service is a specialist for external financial accounting and intelligent outsourcing and support solutions of accounting business processes with emphasis on accounting & finance, personnel & salary and job & management. Supported in cooperation with a tax pool and associated partners of the partner network. VAT accounting service clients on all items of the financial accounting, outsourcing of accounting, accounting financial statements balance sheet, income tax, wage tax, commercial tax return, sales tax declaration in the field of classic, temporary, online and mobile bookkeeping service in the framework of the 6 ABS. 4 StBerG.
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