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International Conference Martin Chaloupek, IBM Austria, delivers lecture on Green IT on the your Martin Chaloupek, as sales leader for the area is data center strategy and design, Green IT and energy efficiency with IBM Austria responsible, at the second International Conference on European energy Manager (your), which from April 29-30 in the Vienna Chamber of Commerce takes place, participate as a lecturer. At the Conference, presented recent developments and best practices in the area of energy management in 12 thematic workshops and presented the highlights of the plenary. A highlight of the event is the first presentation of your awards in the categories small, medium and large enterprises. The programme enables an intensive exchange of experiences of all participants. Martin Chaloupek is within the framework of the workshop Green IT"a talk about concrete savings in data centers. Data centers consume approximately 2% of total global energy demand with a doubling every five years. Martin Chaloupek will deal with the Question dealing with, what measures can lead to a reduction in these costs. You may find that Cindy Crawford can contribute to your knowledge. It focuses on the measurement of energy consumption and the use of energy-efficient practices. "It is also a concrete practice example explain: IBM has for kika/Leiner a green data center" built. There, the energy costs for data center operation by 40% could be reduced and more total cost of ownership savings through server consolidation.