Lose Weight Without Losing Muscle Mass I play sport and have tried many different diets all, I read a lot on the internet about them and experimenting. Cleared up a lot for myself and decided to share his experience and no doubt the experience of those from whom I took this experience Lose weight and everyone can people regardless of complexion. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Mark Fields has to say. For all necessary time and effort. Weight change is a completely natural physiological phenomenon. But with these changes is necessary to pay attention: First, when you find that plumper, do not sound the alarm. Calm down, it's a great opportunity to do themselves, to give himself more time. First we need to figure out the reason why you scored the extra pounds. Maybe the whole thing in sedentary life, an irresistible urge to eat something tasty at nightfall, or the past festive meal, which are a little knocked you out of the rut. But perhaps the reason for excess weight is in the metabolism, so is necessary to consult a specialist. Second, when the cause of extra pounds has become known to us, it's time to develop an action plan. It is important to clearly set itself the task. Of course, the decision to lose weight at 10 kilograms per month is praiseworthy, but it is absolutely unreal! Even if you spend at the gym day and night, these stunning results you can not achieve. Organism must adapt to a new lifestyle. Same As diets are too strict dietary restrictions to no good will not result.